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Our clinician will tailor a facial specific to your individual needs using a combination of products and technologies for exceptional results. Trust our team with an hour of your time and you will be amazed with the outcome.


Can anyone have the Bespoke Facial?

The Tempus Bespoke Facial is tailored to all skin types and conditions.

What is involved in the Bespoke Facial?

Our expert clinical team will take photos of your skin for before and after images, complete a full comprehensive consultation and lifestyle questionnaire, to fully assess and confirm the clients’ needs before every visit. There are then the following stages:

Step 1 – Lymphatic drainage

Our team works their magic by always starting the facial with a lymphatic drainage massage to eliminate toxins from the skin and boost oxygen flow.

Step 2 – Exfoliation

Depending on the client’s desired outcome there will either be a skin peel or hydra dermabrasion to prep the skin. This helps to clear pores, improve clarity and skin texture.

Step 3 – Target 

We work on your specific needs and target the main skin concern whether that is pigmentation, rosacea, acne, scarring, lines, wrinkles, or skin laxity by using one of our high-end technologies, lasers, micro-needling, or skin tightening treatments.

Step 4 – Light Therapy

Every session ends with Dermalux LED light therapy to accelerate healing and promote healthy skin.

The results of the tailored bespoke facial speak for themselves, clients return time and time again for the amazing outcome and skin benefit.

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