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Tempus | A Nu Yu Concept was founded to provide a holistic approach to whole-body self-improvement – face, body and mind. Our first flagship UK clinic, located in the tranquil setting of London’s prestigious Belgravia, brings to you the most advanced technologies and leading experts in aesthetics and wellbeing of the Nu Yu global brand.

Experience exclusive anti-aging, face and body treatments and holistic wellness with our cutting-edge, effective and safe technologies. Tailored to your needs, our aesthetic and medical programmes are designed to give you a healthy youthful glow from the outside in, to ensure you leave us feeling rejuvenated and replenished, and ultimately like a Nu Yu.

Tempus is Latin for ‘time’. When you visit us, we dedicate time to understanding your individual needs in a relaxed environment. During your consultation, we will also explain the best safe and effective treatment options for you and create a bespoke care plan that delivers beautiful, long-lasting results


Our mission is to provide honest, luxurious, bespoke care that is unique for every individual. Our team of global experts and educators provide dedicated care and attention to each patient. This patient-led experience is a holistic approach that focuses on the Face, Body and Mind.


We aim to change the way whole-body care is approached and delivered, to produce a level of care, service, results and experience that has yet to be seen. We will achieve and support self-improvement one person at a time.

Our Promise to

As a team of global experts specialising in aesthetic and wellness treatments, we believe passionately in the importance of providing exceptional holistic whole-body care. We will work closely with you to achieve your desired wellbeing and aesthetic goals in a luxurious and relaxing environment. You can be assured that with Tempus, our respected and knowledgeable team will dedicate the time needed to listen, understand and provide you with the highest levels of care.

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