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"I came to Veerle at very low confidence with a very small cup size not one bit of cleavage. She has changed my life and gave me the cup size fullness I always wanted! She is an amazing woman. She has the most perfect personality, very honest, and thoughtful. She contacted me after the surgery to see how I was. I will definitely be coming back to her for more procedures. Thank you so much, Veerle for everything?"


"Dr. Veerle is the best... She told me the truth from the start and very good at what she does very reassuring. I would genuinely recommend her to anyone. Thank you. If I ever need anything else, I will definitely be returning to Dr. Veerle."


“Thank you once again to Dr. Minocha! Predictably a couple of weeks after my Botox treatment, friends and family tell me how well I look! And it’s true! I look fresher and brighter and in turn feel great. It looks natural too. I’m Now not dreading my big 5 0. Cannot recommend him enough!”


“This treatment enhances your natural look. It doesn’t look like you’ve had ‘work’ done but my friends have said to me that my skin is looking good.”


“I could see and feel the results immediately after the first treatment, which gave me confidence to come back and finish the procedure schedule. The third treatment was transformative and has changed more than the way I look. I honestly can’t say if I look any younger, but I also don’t care. I know that, whatever my age, I have found a way to ensure I look my very best. It has given me a fresh sense of confidence and optimism to know that I can look as good on the outside as I feel on the inside. Now, when my friends say that I look great for my age, I know they’re telling the truth.”


“I wanted to express my gratitude to Dr. Minoche. I had a consultation with Kuldeep Minocha regarding my lips. He was extremely professional and very personable. We talked about the realistic outcome and what could be achieved, whilst still looking natural and not looking disproportionate with the rest of my facial features. The procedure was quick and recovery tome was excellent. The results are amazing. I feel confident and less self-conscious. I am happy that I went ahead with treatment a few weeks before my wedding.”


“I decided to have a consultation with Dr. Minocha on the recommendation of a friend. He is one of London’s best kept secrets! Dr Minocha takes huge time and effort in every single appointment. The balance he provides between aesthetics and the right look for each person is a unique service in that he considers what will make each patient look their best, not just a question of just doing what the patient wants. He always makes me feel I look like the best version of myself and for that I am hugely grateful.”

Sally Hanes


Virtual Consultations, Skin Assessments, Product and Prescription Service

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We are offering complimentary virtual consultations with our highly skilled Doctors plus skin assessment and skincare plans from our Clinical Aesthetician. Any product selections can be shipped directly to you. For any medication needs, we have the ability to do virtual consultations with an in-house doctor and provide private prescriptions.