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Split earlobes can occur for several reasons, including earrings being pulled out of the ear or wearing heavy earrings repeatedly as examples.

Earlobes can completely or partially split from where the hole from a piercing has been stretched or become elongated.  Surgery can be performed partial or complete split earlobes. The Doctor will reconstruct the earlobe deformity.


The minor operation, also known as lobuloplasty, can easily be performed at Tempus under local anaesthetic, where after you will be able to continue with most of your normal activities.

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What is involved with earlobe repair surgery?

Split earlobe repair is normally performed under local anaesthetic and involves excess scar tissue being removed and very fine stitches are used to carefully stitch the area back together.

How long does the procedure take to have done?

The minor procedure normally takes around 30-45 minutes for both ears.

How long does the healing take?

Earlobes should be fully heard within 4-6 weeks, with the scaring fading over time abs with proper care. You should not wear heavy earrings for at least 6 months.

What is the aftercare advice?

You will be able to return home immediately after the procedure.

You will be provided post-procedure care instructions following your visit and this may include applying an antibiotic ointment daily. You will be able to shower as normal, just avoid rubbing the earlobes. You will need to refrain from strenuous exercise for 10 days.

We will book you in for a review a week to 10 days after the procedure to check the healing and remove sutures.

What will the results look like?

This will be dependent on the type of repair performed and the extent of the damage. Earlobes that have been elongated or split generally heal well with minimal scarring, earlobes that have been excessively stretched can be repaired but may not end up looking like they once did.  All your expectations will be discussed with the Doctor as part of your consultation.

Is there any risk to having this treatment done?

As with any surgical procedure, there are some risks associated with mole removal. Normal considerations include bleeding, swelling, and risk of infection, which with proper post-surgery care will be minimised.

Another risk worth considering is healing failure is associated with any cosmetic surgery, an uncommon complication is hypertrophic or keloid scarring, where an excessive lumpy scar is formed. Our highly-skilled, specialist team will be able to advise and consult you based on your individual needs.

After a few hours, you may notice a darkening of the treated area and/or scab formation, which will vanish again after two to ten days. The hairs dissolve after between five days and two weeks or fall out.

What is the healing time for skin tag removal?

Skin healing time will vary depending on the size, how many skin tags were removed and the method of removal, other factors that could impact healing is age, immune system, and medical history.

Normally where the skin tag has been removed you will have a small scab which after a few days will fall off, it is important to not pick or remove this to allow your body to naturally heal and prevent pigmentation.

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