Lasers are one of the most efficient tools for treating a number of problem areas. At Tempus, we have a deep knowledge and understanding of laser physics and tissue interaction to enable us to use them effectively for a variety of issues, which are outlined below:

A gentle and effective treatment for permanent hair reduction from virtually any area of the body. Lasers cause heat to build up in the pigment (colour) of the hair, helping to destroy the blood supply and eventually stop hair growth. Laser hair removal typically requires four to eight sessions spaced four to six weeks apart for best results, although more could be required depending on your hair growth, and a further maintenance appointment within 12 months. At Tempus we have multiple devices available to help us select the most suitable technology for your skin and hair type.

Lasers can treat loose skin on the face, neck and body by using heat to stimulate collagen and elastin production in the layers of the skin to improve texture and tone. Different lasers are more effective on different parts of the body. Upon assessment, we will identify your skin’s laxity and the necessary technology to treat it.

Many blemishes can now be removed with the use of laser surgery – a gentler alternative to conventional surgery, and with shorter recovery time.

Sunspots, age spots, melasma, brown scars and post-inflammatory or post-traumatic hyperpigmentation can all be treated effectively and safely with lasers. The laser targets the source of the colour/pigment in the skin and destroys it, leaving you with a more even skin tone.

Laser treatment and sclerotherapy (where medicine is injected into blood vessels to cause them to shrink) are effective and safe methods of diminishing varicose or spider veins on the face and body. You may require several sessions to remove the appearance of veins completely.