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Shideh Pouria

Dr. Pouria qualified in 1991 from King’s College School of Medicine, London, and has worked for the NHS in both clinical and academic posts, most recently as a Consultant in Renal Medicine at Guy’s Hospital.

She has extensive experience in general and specialist medicine as well as in medical research in the field of mucosal immunology. It was through her Ph.D. project in this area that she became interested in the role of environmental factors in health and disease.

Dr. Pouria went on to train with the British Society for Ecological Medicine in 2006 before becoming Medical Director at the Burghwood Clinic for Allergy, Environmental and Nutritional Medicine. Here, she saw patients at Grace Belgravia Medical Centre before joining the Tempus team.

Her approach to medical issues is based on the concept of cause and effect as well as seeking out the impact of environmental and nutritional factors on the health of the individual. She creates personalised comprehensive healthcare plans for her patients based on sound scientific and clinical research and evidence.

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