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Nomige Night Cream


DNA Blend – Based on your DNA.
Collagen booster to tighten & firm your skin

Night cream that offers extra support
Peptides are selected based on your genetic needs
To be used in combination with your night serum

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Suitable Skin Conditions/Types

All skin types


50 ml

Directions for Use

PM only, first step after cleansing and toning apply 1 – 2 drops all over face and neck.

Key Ingredients

Nomige night cream is a collagen booster that contains active peptides that stimulate the production of collagen or slow down its degradation. This results in a tighter and more elastic skin. The wrinkles fade and your skin looks fresher. The peptides are consciously applied in the evening so that they can work optimally without the interference of UV light or other external factors diminishing their activity. The peptides must penetrate deep into the skin for optimal effect. Therefore we recommend applying Nomige night cream before its night serum.

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